Effective marketing management is the key driving force in today’s global business environment. In good times and bad, marketing management is a necessity if a business is going to survive and strive. It is a key contributing factor to sustainable success and makes the difference between successful companies and those which fail to grow. Hence there is a need for well qualified, competent senior managers who understand how marketing works in local and international business environments.

In order to develop competent senior managers knowledgeable in the field of marketing who add value to the businesses they serve, this course has been designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Show participants the link between the marketing functions and other functional areas of management using relevant and well written business cases.
  • Provide participants with a comprehensive appreciation and understanding of  the meaning, mix and locally relevant strategies in  marketing management
  • Show case industry data and insights that can help participants predict marketing trends in Nigeria
  • Use group based learning to encourage participants to craft new strategies for engaging with emerging marketing trends such as retail management
  • Highlight the ethical issues associated with sales and marketing
Marketing Management NBS

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Time to Complete

6 days

Course Details

Nungu Business School is set to educate the African work force and leaders who make a difference in the world. Achieving this mission requires an environment that is accessible, affordable, and ethical and one that looks at converting our weakness to strength.

Our Vision: Trailblazing research. Pioneering teaching methods. Impactful business cases. When you contribute to the NUNGU vision, you support functional educational experiences and thought leadership for Africans to the benefit of Africa and the advancement of the people.

  • Venue: Online Platform
  • Duration: 1 Week Programme
  • Fee: N50,000
  • Class size: Space is limited, so register today!

The course has three major delivery segments:

  1. Case discussions: The use of the cases will facilitate rich discussions that draw from the industry experience of participants.
  2. Lecture: One lecture will be delivered in this course. The objective of this session is to introduce the different concepts that will be taught in subsequent sessions.
  3. Group presentations: Participants will be required to make a group based presentation in the final session of the course.

In addition to cases, you will receive a few technical notes and papers containing frameworks that might guide and ease your analysis. For some of the cases, you will be given a set of preparation questions. The objective of these questions is to guide your analysis helping you focus your period of individual study. Therefore, you are not required to answer the preparation questions in written form in order to prepare the case.

  • Session 1: Introduction to Marketing Management
  • Session 2: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Session 3: Pricing, Product and Service Innovation
  • Session 4: Branding and Digital Marketing
  • Session 5: Route to Market and Salesforce Management
  • Session 6: Retail Marketing and Advertising Contest
  • PPT and PDF
  • Deep-dives
  • Case Learning
  • Completion Certificate
  • Alumni of NBS

Space is limited for participants. To ensure each person gains value for their specific situation, save your seat today.

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