Director's Message

“In establishing Nungu Business School, we had to draw ourselves a different path from other Business schools. Our commitment is to establish a scientific edifice that will serve as a bridge, to be used by knowledge seekers and knowledge generations to reach different sciences. We chose to establish this edifice based on modern technology, as it is the most important tool in the present era that a learner needs to have the keys to the future in an era where all aspects of life are controlled by technology. There is no more office or house without the tools of modern technology.

We have responsibilities towards new generations of learners across Africa and the rights that they have over us. We have to open the horizons of knowledge and provide new and useful knowledge for them to achieve their ambitions. We must help them to create the horizons of bright futures to make them generations that will champion the African ideals in business, management and entrepreneurship. It is unacceptable that our generations stay separated from the new tools and methods of education that are based on modern technology.

Nungu Business School was established for the STUDENTS. The learning arena is cyberspace. No geographic or time barriers can separate knowledge dissemination and knowledge seekers. Learners can tour the school’s halls and achieve all of their needs, using just their hands only. We offer you various customized programs and well-prepared materials using tools and means that resemble traditional education environments, however, with the flavor of technology. Online classes and e-services give a new concept to the study life and educational cycle that learners experience using useful and new tools to gain the required knowledge to be able to practice the language of the technology era, easily and smoothly.

It is our pleasure to provide the learner with this great effort which was organized by a team of academicians, technology experts, and administrators who have different specializations and have the skills and abilities needed to achieve the difficult equation of combining academic quality, with its requirements, administrative quality, and its characteristics, and technological quality, and its latest developments.

We are among the pioneers in this field (E-learning for Business Schools in Africa) with the participation of students who share this great ambition that we are seeking to achieve.
Salaudeen Jubril Abdullah PhD

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