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Welcome to the Nungu Business School Executive Education Department

Executive education refers to business management courses designed to aid the professional development of leaders and managers and are considered part of an ongoing process of lifelong learning.
NBS Executive Education Department

The NBS Executive education courses are very different from an executive MBA program - they are far shorter and do not result in a degree, for instance, but they are also much less of a time-commitment for those who wish to enhance their skills in certain areas.

Our executive education courses focus on a specific area (such as improving leadership skills or gaining strategic awareness), however we also run more comprehensive programs that could see you do a stint on-campus of our partner schools for a duration.

Gaining entry onto the NBS executive education program of study is much more tied to work and life experience than to prior academic achievement, and the class atmosphere of seasoned professionals has been said to produce a level of debate that is quite different from that seen in a conventional program.

A few facts about our executive education courses:

  • Executive education courses may result in a certificate but are almost always non-degree programs.
  • Programs can be divided into two main types: Open enrollment and customized courses.
  • Open enrollment programs are set courses open to applications and often occurring at multiple dates within a year.
  • Customized programs are bespoke courses, most often formed by arrangement between an organization and the NBS executive education Department to meet specific needs.
  • Globalization of business precipitated further expansion of executive education and lifelong learning options around the world over the course of the 1980s and 90s. Its appeal all the while enhanced by course offerings from business schools

Current Trends in the Executive Education Program

Today’s trends in executive education reflect those of the broader world of business management courses. Financial uncertainties and the growth of global complexity in business are playing a key role in the development of new course offerings. This has led to greater attention being paid to furthering professional development in the realms of self-awareness, innovation, inspiring others and responsiveness to change, for instance. On the whole though, a major trend has seen our courses move away from focusing on a specific function and open up to multi-disciplinary approaches. Our executive education program is online learning and interactive.

How much does executive education cost?

Prices for open enrollment executive education courses will vary considerably from institution to institution and, naturally, are very much dependent on the length of programs, which can run from anywhere between a few days to over two months.

At NBS we pride ourselves as affordable, rigorous, pragmatic and detailed. Our faculties are majorly C-suit executives with onward of 10 years management experience.


  • Customised corporate trainings
  • Practical base learning provider
  • Lifelong learning provider
  • Business Plan development for corporate
  • Consultancy Services

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