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Business writing is a form of professional writing carried out in organizations to communicate with internal and external audiences. Business communication must be clear, concise and coherent. Most importantly, it must be easily understood by the recipient and the message must be simple and direct. Business writing course at Nungu Business School aims to deliver training and skills on writing professional content that is user friendly.

Business etiquette and accurate use of business language is essential in business writing. This Business writing training will help you deliver your message powerfully and effectively while saving time and getting desired response. This Business writing course provides guidance on an array of tools and techniques that can be used to create credible business documents.

Workshop on Business Writing Skills – Take the strain out of composing any kind of document! How to write powerful E-mails, Letters, Reports, and Proposals that get results (Letter Writing, Emails, Summaries, Notes, and Report Writing etc.) Would you like a quick and easy method for composing documents—letters, memos, reports, proposals and performance appraisals—in an organized format? This workshop provides you with basic formats and formulas for tackling any kind of writing task—and communicating to your readers what they need to know. You’ll streamline your writing process and save time by focusing on what to write instead of how to write it.
Business Writing

Course Fee


Time to Complete

2 Days

Course Details Nungu Business School is set to educate the African work force and leaders who make a difference in the world. Achieving this mission requires an environment that is accessible, affordable, and ethical and one that looks at converting our weakness to strength . Our Vision: Trailblazing research. Pioneering teaching methods. Impactful business cases. When you contribute to the NUNGU vision, you support functional educational experiences and thought leadership for Africans to the benefit of Africa and the advancement of the people.

Campus: Nungu Business School Online Platform
Duration: 2 days programme
Intakes: August, 2020 Fees in USD: 450 USD Fees in Naira: 96,800
Class Size: 25 Students

Workshop Takeaways will include: Part I
  • Quickly organize your thoughts and generate content
  • Eliminate numerous time-consuming revisions
  • Rid your writing of “fluff,” so you’ll generate concise content Part II
  • Understand and follow the steps for planning, drafting and revising business documents
  • Follow a structured and consistent approach for writing business letters, emails, memos, reports and technical findings.
  • Identify and utilize the appropriate communication medium and approach for every business need and situation
  • Apply the principles of writing clear and simple language
  • Apply business writing etiquette
  • Understand the standards and rules of quality writing
  • Formats and formulas for various writing requirements
  • Gaining familiarity with powerful openings and closings to capture and retain attention
  • Thinking logically by collating ideas and structuring your document using information modeling
  • Identifying your reader’s needs and expectations to establish the purpose and focus
  • Organizing ideas and generating content
  • Learning how and when to use the appropriate tone, persuasion and positive and negative words
  • Techniques for editing and proofreading the final version
  • Business Development Managers
  • Business Planning Managers
  • Human resources Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Sales managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Accountants
  • Business Analyst
  • Stock brokers
  • Bankers  

The Class will be recorded and you will have access to all the contents for 3 months

Study Cases, simulation, several slides presentations, rigorous class discussions, deep-dives
  • PPT and PDF
  • Deep-dives
  • Plus Free Digital Certificate of attendance/completion

Space is limited for participants. To ensure each person gains value for their specific situation.

For enquiries and group reservations:
Call: +234 906 888 8978

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