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Today’s world is dominated by technology and the shift towards connecting objects, processes and people is at an all-time high.

Nungu Business School seeks to provide Africans with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding on how business merges with technology, offering a blend of executive education subjects and core business topics.

We are in knowledge driven world and technology modulated space and Nungu Business School is leading in this space to break the cost-value-trade-off.

Virtual Selling Micro-Master Program
Nungu Business School courses are designed to accommodate a broad audience of learners whose particular pursuits in business education might be either technical/language or business focused. The programmes makes use of academic research, industry-defined practical problems, and case studies, to offer an approach that will genuinely foster a deeper knowledge of the subject area. Business Managers, and even more so entrepreneurs, have nowadays to deal with the interconnected business and technology worlds. We offer a superior Learning Management System that incorporate a number of technologies. We have friendly and knowledgeable facilitators who have an average of ten years of Industry experience to bring to the table plus their academic achievements and certifications. We have carefully and painstakingly trained our facilitators on how to use the different pedagogy of learning that we have presented. Nungu Business School answers the age long demand of having business education that suites the reality of Africa and one that is affordable, top-quality and functional. We are providing students with the skills required to manage resources, systems and people, blending the established business knowledge with specialised courses on Information Management, ethics, alternative financing and Internet of Things. Technology have become mainstream tools in driving business, as they are being applied across industries for a variety of goals such as reducing costs, enhancing customer experience, increasing profits - in short, spending less to do more. We are pushing the barriers to ensure that this is central to our learning and teaching to produce a new set of productive managers and business owners for Africa. Our courses are devised to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to manage the intricacies that stem from the technologically driven business world. Business problems are not structured as such we provide you with the skills require to navigate the turbulence business water. Go here and register as a learner. It is free…

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