PGD Islamic Finance


Islamic Finance is one of the fastest growing industries available today. It provides an ethical-based method of financing which is guided by Shariah rules and principles and is applicable to Finance, Investments, Banking, Wealth Management and Insurance, to mention a few. Islamic Finance is deemed to be the inclusive and all-encompassing financial system that remedies the lapses of a non-Shariah-based financial system.

NBS's Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Banking, Finance and Insurance aims to provide you with a solid foundation in the main concepts, prohibitions and methodologies applied in Islamic banking, finance and insurance operations.

You will learn the broad implications in structuring financial products and investments to comply with Islamic principles. You will also develop a deeper understanding of the important management fields and corporate governance needed to protect the interests of all stakeholders which must equally comply with the core Islamic principles.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Banking, Finance and Insurance is meant for both aspiring and current practitioners in the banking and finance industry who wish to improve their understanding of key concepts and practices on Islamic banking and finance that may add significant value to their work. The program assumes participants have zero knowledge of the subject matter.

Take advantage of NBS’s program offering to attain this knowledge and qualification expediently.

Course modules
  • Module I: Islamic Economic System
  • Module II: Modes of Shari'ah-Compliant Transactions
  • Module III: Islamic Banking Operations
  • Module IV: Finance for Non-Finance Executives
  • Module V: Governance, Regulation, Accounting Issues in Islamic Banking
  • Module VI: Introduction to Islamic Insurance (Takaful)
How You Will Learn

Our unique experiential learning model incorporates

  • Live and recorded classes: The PGD in Islamic Banking, Finance and Insurance is exclusively designed as a 100% online program. Students benefit from the global accessibility and time flexibility of fully online learning. While there is a set syllabus and learning agenda for each week, the majority of lectures may be viewed by students at any time of their choosing each week.
  • Hours with Industry Practitioners: Alongside theoretical learning, we provide a unique opportunity for students to hear the most up-to-date compliance information directly from industry and subject matter experts.
  • Interactive moderated discussion groups: a great way to get students to interact with one another and with the content.
  • Hands-on assignments and application exercises: Assignments and exercises that are designed to enable students use theories learnt and draw greater meaning from them will be assigned after every lesson
  • Final capstone project: a project requiring real-world application of knowledge and experience gained that proves understanding of the subject matter is a requirement for course completion.
  • 2 face-to-face sessions. Although the program is 100% online, there will be 2 face-to-face supplementary sessions held in Lagos, Nigeria.

The affordable tuition of N185,000, payable as a one-off payment or in 3 installments shall be made directly to NBS’s bank account:

Account name: Nungu Business School

Bank: Jaiz Bank PLC

Account number: 0006015772

After making payment, kindly send a copy of the proof of payment to for confirmation.

For instalments, payment is broken down as follow

  • First instalment: N55,000. Due on or before May 7, 2022
  • Second instalment: N80,000. Due on or before August 7,2022
  • Third instalment: N50,000. Due on or before November 7, 2022


Dr Jubril Salaudeen
Dr Jubril Salaudeen

Jubril has traversed the Nigerian and indeed the African Financial landscape. He is a key resource to a number of non-interest finance discourses in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia. He has spent the last 25 years working in Finance, Accounting, Consulting, Academics and Marketing/Sales of the Major FMCG companies, Oil & Gas, Consulting, Financial technology and Identity Management.

  • A Non-Bar Degree in Shari’ah: International University in Sudan
  • Accounting Graduate, Nigeria
  • Master in Business Administration: Nigeria
  • MSc in Informatics: Osmania University, India
  • PGD in Islamic Banking and Insurance: IIBI London
  • MSc Economic: University of Bradford Yorkshire
  • MA Islamic Banking and Management: University of Gloucestershire UK
  • PhD in Islamic Finance and Management: International University Malaysia
Professional Certifications:
  • Fellow Chartered Institute of Marketing London
  • Fellow Chartered institute of Marketing Nigeria
  • Associate Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment London
  • Fellow Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals of Nigeria
  • Member Nigeria Institute of Management
  • Associate Fellow, Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance London
  • Alumnus of the Harvard Business School
  • Alumnus of the Lagos Business School
  • Alumnus of the Frankfurt Business School
Dr Mohammad Dabiri
Dr Mohammad Dabiri

Dr Dabiri holds a BSc (Biological Sciences) from University of Lagos, Nigeria, a Post-graduate Diploma in Distributed Computing Systems from University of Greenwich, London, Master of Business Administration (Management) from Edinburgh Business School, a Master’s Degree in Islamic finance from AIMS in UK and a PhD in Islamic Finance from the University Utara, Malaysia.

Dr Dabiri is a versatile professional offering several years of experience in analyzing different requirements, sanctions and alerts screening, due diligence reviews, transaction monitoring and reporting suspicious activities of high-risk clients. He has good working knowledge of money laundering risks presented by personal and business customers through the nature of transaction activity, geographic risks, types of business entity, regulatory risk and beneficial ownership control.

As a KYC Analyst, he also has a good understanding of legal governing documents required for different types of business formations (such as types of LLCs, trusts, partnerships, joint ventures, corporations, mutual funds, charities, etc.,) and how each are owned and controlled by the beneficiaries/owners.

He has good understanding of client’s risk classification (high, medium and low risk). He is an assertive and articulate team player with a strong character. With close to two decades in Practice, Research and Academia, he has about a dozen research papers up his sleeves. He is currently a Faculty at the Crescent University Abeokuta, where he supervises postgraduate research work and assist with specialized courses.

He has worked in some of the biggest commercial financial institutions in the world, he has keen interest in analyses and explaining complex issues in very simple language.

Mufti Asad Gul
Mufti Asad Gul

Mufti Gul is an AAOIFI Certified Shariah Adviser and Auditor (CSAA) with an MA in Economics and MSc in Finance. He has served as Shariah Adviser at The Bank of Khyber, Peshawar, since 2017 to date. He also holds a Specialization in Fiqh ul Muaamlaat Degree and a Shahadat ul Aalamiyyah Degree, both from Pakistan. Mufti Gul is a very experienced trainer on topics such as Non-Interest Banking Modes, Shariah Governance, Profit Distribution Mechanism, and Accounting Treatments to various non-interest finance institutions around the world.

Abdur-Rasheed Babalola
Abdur-Rasheed Babalola

Abdur-Rasheed Babalola is an advocate for financial inclusion with over two decades of experience in various senior management positions within the financial services industry, specializing in financial products and process development especially those targeted at serving the excluded segments including Takaful and micro-insurance.

He holds a BSc in Insurance and a Masters in Managerial Psychology from University of Lagos and a certificate in Takaful from the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance, London, United Kingdom. He is an associate member of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria, and a graduate of Fate Foundation’s entrepreneurship training. He is the Head, Takaful Advisory at Kord Capital Limited.

He has been invited to speaking engagements as well as collaborating with institutions to implement knowledge transfer from a varieties of financial inclusion activities within the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Currently, he provides mentorship to 65 middle-level managers and leaders in the financial services sector across West Africa.

Raheemat T. Alimi
Raheemat T. Alimi

Raheemat is the Deputy Registrar and a Faculty Member of Nungu Business School. She is an AAOIFI-certified Shariah Adviser and Auditor (CSAA) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from the University of Benin, Benin City, and a Master’s Degree in Mineral Exploration (Geophysics) from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, both in Nigeria.

She worked in several Geosciences consulting companies in various capacities and also had work experience in management consultancy, operations management, executive support, procurement, and customer communications for over 18 years, before venturing into the field of Non-Interest Finance.

She facilitated the training that produced three newly qualified CSAA in 2020 and is a key resource person with the X-Academy of the Nigeria Stock Exchange. Raheemat led the team that organized the Global Conference on Islamic Finance 2021.

Raimi Momoh
Raimi Momoh

Raimi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arabic Linguistics and Literary Studies from the Lagos State University, Nigeria and a Master of Science degree in Islamic Banking and Finance from the International Islamic University, Malaysia. He is an AAOIFI-certified Shariah Adviser and Auditor (CSAA). He is currently the Shariah Consultant at NIMASA Zero Interest Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited.